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T&D are a UK distributor for the Dräger range of portable gas detectors as well as the range of flame detection sensors.

Whether you are looking for spare parts, single zone detectors or fully integrated system, T&D can help.

Pictured: Portable gas detectors can be used to detect flammable gases, toxic gases and also monitor oxygen depletion levels.

Dräger Portable Gas Detectors Range

Dräger - Gas Detection Solutions

Dräger have been a leading authority in the gas detection industry for over 70 years and are the market leader for gas detection solutions.

Based on catalytic bead sensor technology and infrared sensor technology, Dräger have a wide range of gas detectors for the detection of flammable gases and vapours.

Pictured: The Dräger Pac 5500 includes a distinct colour coded label to easily identify the instrument from a distance

Dräger Pac 5500 H2S & O2 Portable Gas Detectors

Dräger - First Class Technology 

  • More than 400 gases can be measured
  • All Gas types can be detected: Ex, Tox, Ox
  • All Measurement ranges from % by vol to ppb
  • Infrared, Electromechanical Reaction, Catalytic Bead Technologies

Dräger gas detection solutions meet the latest demands of EN 50402 (Electrical apparatus for the detection and measurement of combustible or toxic gases or vapours or of Oxygen)

Dräger manufacture a range of gas detectors for the detection of combustible gases / vapours, toxic gases and for Oxygen deficiency / enrichment. 

Gas Detection Systems In Explosive Atmospheres & Hazardous Areas

To have ignition, three conditions have to be met

  1. Concentration of flammable gas or vapour above the LEL
  2. Sufficiently high oxygen concentration
  3. Sufficiently high temperature or ignition source 

Removing one of the three conditions, ensures that no ignition or explosion can take place. Therefore measures of explosion protection can be:-

  1.  Concentration Limiting
  2.  Inertisation
  3.  Use of explosion protected apparatus

Concentration limiting and inertisation are primary measures of explosion protection as they prevent the formation of ignitable concentrations of gases and vapours. Use of explosion protected instruments is a secondary form of protection.

Pictured: The X-Zone 5000 gas detectors can be used to provide a wireless fenceline, chaining together up to 25 gas detectors to monitor large areas

Dräger X-Zone 5000 Portable Gas Detectors

Gas detection systems used for concentration limiting purposes must be type approved by a notified body in respect to their compliance with the European standards (formerly acc. To EN50065ff, now acc. To EN61799 or EN60079-29-1. 

T&D specialise in hazardous area solutions and explosion protection. Explosion protected apparatus can be used to prevent ignition of such gases and vapours.

Gas detectors can be used to detect these gases before they become ignitable. The latter is more preferable and offers a greater degree of safety protection.

Installation of a gas detection system reduces the probability of formation of explosive atmospheres. As a result a Zone 1 area could be reclassified as a zone 2 area.

ATEX & IECEX Flame DetectorDräger gas detection instruments meet the explosion requirements of CENELEC (ATEX, Europe) UL (USA), CSA (Canada) and IEC-Ex (World Wide)

Pictured : Fixed Flame Detectors provide reliable detection of flames in industrial and hazardous area locations and can detect organic substance fires including hydrocarbon fuels. 

Drager Fixed Flame Detectors - Flame 1300

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Dräger Portable Gas Detectors & Flame Detectors

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