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Darcy Spillcare Manufacture - Spill Control, Spill Containment & Liquid Storage Products

75 Years of Innovation, Manufacturing, Service and Supply

T&D are distributors for Darcy Spillcare's wide range of spill control, containment and liquid storage product.

Established in 1935, Darcy Spillcare are at the forefront of Environmental Protection and specialises in the manufacture and provision of solutions helping sites to achieve environmental and ISO compliance and care for the environment in increasingly demanding circumstances.

Spillages in one form or another have been with us since the early days of the industrial revolution and probably always will be as long as people continue to be thoughtless, careless or downright unlucky.

Spillages occur in almost limitless variety. Situation, quantity and material will change and there are numerous methods by which they can be classified, one thing is clear these spills need to be cleaned up to prevent harm to the environment or, better still, prevented from happening in the first place.

Darcy Spillcare are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of both their service and product range and have held ISO 9002 since 1992 and strive in their efforts to standardise performance claims in the industry, to ensure that the customer can make fair and meaningful comparison of the products available on the market. This has resulted in the current British Standard on spill control products BS7959.

Darcy Spillcare Accreditations & Environmental Standards

Darcy Spillcare have gained a number of accreditations giving you peace of mind.  These accreditations include:

  • British Safety Industry Federation
  • UK Spill Association
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • UVDB and EVDB Verify
  • ISO 9001
  • Achilles Link Up
  • UK Harbour Masters Association

Darcy Spillcare regularly assist companies in achieving and maintaining environmental standards including:

  • Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH)
  • Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG)
  • Pollution Prevention & Control (PPC)
  • Environmental Damage (Prevention and Remediation ) Regulations
  • Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR)
  • Oil Storage Regulations
  • Waste Management Licence (WML)
  • ISO14001 – Environmental Management System

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Darcy Spillcare Manufacture Products
Darcy Spillcare Manufacture Products
Darcy Spillcare Manufacture Products
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