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Portable Gas Detectors

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T&D are an approved distributor and stockist of the Crowcon Gas Detectors - the portable gas detector range consists of single and multigas detectors and gas monitors suitable for a wide range of applications.

Crowcon’s portable gas detection solutions are available in a range of different sizes and use a varying number of sensors to ensure each gas monitoring solution is fit for purpose.

The Crowcon Portable Gas Detector Range Available From Thorne & Derrick

Crowcon Portable Gas Detectors Range


Crowcon’s single and multigas portable gas detectors are used for safety applications and personal monitoring providing protection against numerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) and industrial gas hazards.

Crowcon Portable Gas Detectors (Single Gas)

Crowcon Clip Portable Gas DetectorCrowcon Clip

The Crowcon Clip & Clip+ are single portable gas detectors that are durable and reliable as a personal monitoring solution attaching easily to the users clothing or belt.





Crowcon GasmanCrowcon Gasman Portable Gas Detector

The Crowcon Gasman is a single portable gas detector that is compact and lightweight in design. The Gasman is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.






Crowcon Portable Gas Detectors (Multigas)


Crowcon Gas Pro Portable Gas DetectorCrowcon Gas-Pro

The Crowcon Gas-Pro portable multigas detector has the ability to monitor up to 5 gases in harsh environments specifically in confined spaces.






Crowcon Portable Gas Detector - Crowcon Gas-PID

Crowcon Gas-Pro PID

The Crowcon Gas-Pro PID is also a portable 5 gas detector which uses photo ionisation detection (PID) technology to achieve the most accurate results possible.






Crowcon Tetra

The Crowcon Tetra is a portable gas detector that is able to monitor oxygen levels and detect flammable gases and a variety of toxic gases.




Crowcon Portable Gas Detector - Crowcon Tetra 3

Crowcon Tetra 3

The Crowcon Tetra 3 is a portable 4 gas detector that is compact in design and very simple to use. The T3 is suitable for use in areas with demanding industrial applications.




Crowcon Portable Gas Detector - Crowcon Detective+

Crowcon Triple Plus+

The Crowcon Detective+ is an area monitoring solution ideal for use in demanding environments providing a temporary portable gas detector option.





Crowcon Portable Gas Detector - Crowcon Detective+

Crowcon Detective+

The Crowcon Triple Plus+ is able to detect/monitor flammable gases, toxic gases and oxygen. The Triple Plus+ portable gas detector that has the option for an IR sensor for the measurement of flammable hydrocarbons or carbon dioxide.





Crowcon Gas Detector Calibration Equipment

Crowcon offer calibration equipment for all your portable and fixed gas detector testing and calibration needs including the I-Test, Checkbox IMH and Portables PC & Pro.

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 T&D offer the full range of portable gas detectors manufactured by Crowcon.

To request a quote or discuss portable gas detection your application further please contact T&D today.

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Crowcon Portable Gas Detectors

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