Commercial Trace Heating Applications

Commercial & Construction Trace Heating Applications

Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Offices, Public Buildings, Stadia, Residential

T&D have been established since 1985. Since then we have built an unsurpassed reputation for the design and supply of trace heating cables and systems.

Our client list includes all the major M&E contractors and we are involved in trace heating systems to many of the most prestigious building projects nationwide.

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Frost Protection

Trace heating systems provide guaranteed frost protection: pipes and vessels that are subjected to low ambient temperatures even when insulated are still liable to freezing.

Burst or blocked pipes are the result along with massive inconvenience and expense.

Self regulating trace heating cables are specified to frost protect roof plant pipework, sprinkler systems and external water services.

T&D have the largest UK stocks of trace heating cables from all major manufacturers to suit a wide variety of frost protection applications.

Hot Water Temperature Maintenance

Hot water trace heating cables have been installed in schools, hospitals, offices and domestic properties for over 20 years.

Trace heating systems provide instant hot water with legionella control and are a cost saving alternative to a HWS re-circulation system.

Trace heating cables are used to maintain the water temperature above 50ºC, typically 55º or 60ºC.

Hot water trace heating systems are also available to raise the temperature to 65ºc+ enabling the thermal disinfection of the pipework.

Ramp/Access Way Heating (Snow/Ice Removal)

Ramp heating systems provide improved public safety and access to buildings where snow and ice build up presents health and safety concerns.

Trace heating systems for ramp heating applications are proven to reduce the rate of accidents.

T&D work in conjunction with architect, principal contractor, mechanical and electrical engineer to ensure that the ramp heating system meets the relevant specification and that the installation runs as smoothly as possible.

Gutter Heating

Trace heating systems are specified to prevent the build up of snow and ice in gutters and on roofs.

Melt water which cannot drain away will form pools which in turn can penetrate seams and joints in gutters and flat roofs.

A leaking gutter or roof can cause extensive damage within buildings. Trace heating cables create a flow path for the water allowing it to drain away correctly.

Trace heating overcomes the dangers posed by heavy snow build up and icicles on roofs. The weight of the snow can cause structural problems as well as being a danger to people below.

Self regulating trace heating cables for roof and gutters improve public safety against the dangers presented by icicle formation and snow avalanches.

Fire Escape

Trace Heating - Prevent snow and ice build up on external fire escapes and walkways.

Trace heating offers a cost effective alternative to full enclosure.

Changes to building regulations state that all external walkways used as fire escapes/evacuation routes should be trace heated to protect against snow/ice build up.

The cost effective trace heating solution to this problem is to use self regulating trace heating cable.

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Commercial Trace Heating Applications

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