BREEAM WAT 04 Sanitary Supply Shut Off - PIR Modules & Solenoid Valves

BREEAM WAT 04 Sanitary Supply Shut Off - PIR Modules & Solenoid Valves

Sanitary Supply Shut Off Systems To Achieve BREEAM WAT 04 Credit

Thorne & Derrick UK can provide a major water leak detection system specifically designed to meet the requirements for BREEAM WAT 02, WAT 03 and WAT 04 certification.

BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the leading and most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings.

BREEAM sets the standard for the best practice in sustainable design and is used to describe a building's environmental performance.

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BREEAM WAT 04 Sanitary Supply Shut Off Aims

The aim of BREEAM WAT 04 is to reduce the risk of minor leaks in toilet and washroom facilities.

Small water leaks can result in significant losses over time, increasing costs as well as causing damage. There is a significant risk of leaks going undetected, particularly as toilet accommodation is often unoccupied for long periods of time.

A proximity detection shut-off system prevents waste water from minor leaks by shutting off the water supply when toilet accommodation is not occupied.

Valves in cisterns supplying urinals and WCs are especially prone to failure, leading to wastage of water via the overflow.

To demonstrate compliance with BREEAM WAT 04 requirements:

Water Supply shut off solenoid valves are to be installed on the water supply to each toilet area in the building and the flow of water through that supply is controlled by either

  • infra-red movement detectors within each toilet facility
  • sensors or switches placed at or on entry doors to each facility.

BREEAM WAT 04 Sanitary Supply Shut Off Solenoid Valves

Thorne and Derrick's can supply a PIR system which will automatically shut off the water supply to a WC / washroom when they are unoccupied. The system has been specifically designed to comply with BREEAM WAT 04 criteria.

Our PIR devices can be used to switch up to three devices and can therefore also be used to control the washroom lighting.

The PIR module is used to control a solenoid valve fitted to the CWS & HWS water supply pipework on entry to the washroom.

The water shut off solenoid valves will remain closed while the washroom is unoccupied and will open when the PIR module detects movement. The valve will remain open for a set time period, at the end of which the valve will close. 

Shut-off systems may control combined toilet areas such as male and female toilets within a core.

T&D can supply a full range or PIR detector modules and solenoid valves to suit your requirements.

Our estimators are fully conversant with the requirements of BREEAM WAT 04 and can provide help and advice to consultants, contractors, and end clients.

The BRE Group strives for continual innovation and as a result, set criteria to achieve credit points may change. Please contact a member of Thorne and Derrick or visit for the latest information. 

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BREEAM WAT 04 Sanitary Supply Shut Off - PIR Modules & Solenoid Valves

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