BREEAM WAT 02 Water Leak Detection

BREEAM WAT 02 Water Leak Detection - WG1, WG2 and BCCB Systems

Water Leak Detection Systems To Achieve BREEAM WAT 02 Credit

Thorne & Derrick UK can provide BREEAM water leak detection systems specifically designed to meet the requirements for BREEAM WAT 02, WAT 03 and WAT 04 certification.

BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the leading and most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings.

BREEAM sets the standard for the best practice in sustainable design and is used to describe a building's environmental performance.

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BREEAM WAT 02 Water Leak Detection Aims

The aim of BREEAM WAT 02 is to ensure water consumption can be monitored and managed and therefore encourage reductions in water consumption.

To demonstrate compliance with BREEAM WAT 02 requirements:

  • A water meter is to be supplied to the mains water supply to each building. This includes instances where water is supplied via a borehole or other private source.
  • The water meter is to have to pulsed output to enable connection to a Building Management System (BMS) for the monitoring of water consumption.

To achieve an innovation credit for BREEAM WAT 02 the following exemplary level criteria is to be followed:

  • Sub meters are to be fitted to allow the metering of individual water consuming plant or building areas, where demand in such areas will be equal to or greater than 10% of the total water demand of the building.
  • Each sub meter has a pulsed output to enable connection to a BMS for the monitoring of water consumption

The requirement for a pulsed output has been included to encourage the use of meters capable of transmitting (by wire or wirelessly) a continuous or pulsed signal with water management information such as total water consumed or flow rate to a Building Management System.

This allows demand patterns on water systems to be monitored and evaluated over time. A significant increase in demand may indicate the presence of a leak or inappropriate or unexpected water consumption.

BREEAM WAT 02 Water Leak Detection Products

Thorne & Derrick can provide a water leak detection system designed specifically to meet BREEAM WAT 02 requirements.

The leak detection system will monitor the flow rates of water within a building or specific plant and can be used to raise an audible alarm if the flow rate deviates from pre-set parameters. The system can be linked to a BMS and can also be used to shut off the water supply if required.

The system can be supplied with a single (WG1 or BCCB) or two zone (WG2) control unit which is linked to the turbine sensors used to monitor flow rates. The turbine meters provide a 'pulse' as water flows through them.

Should the adjustable pre-set quantity of pulses/litres be exceeded, the, BCCB, WG1 or WG2 control system will provide local audio-visual alarms, and the output relay/s can provide a signal to remote alarm or BMS.

If required, the system can also shut off the water supply via optional latching solenoid valves. The control unit can be programmed to suit varying occupancy levels or water usage throughout a 24hour / 7day period.

Our BREEAM leak detection systems exceed the requirements of BREEAM WAT 2 criteria and will help enable the awarding of BREEAM credit point(s) for water leak detection.

Systems are available to suit a variety of pipe sizes from 15mm - 200mm.

Please contact one of our estimators (who are fully conversant with BREEAM WAT 2 criteria), for a quotation or further information and advice on which system you require.

The BRE Group strive for continual innovation and as a result, set criteria to achieve credit points may change. Please contact a member of Thorne and Derrick or visit for the latest information. 

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BREEAM WAT 02 Water Leak Detection

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