Andel Floodline Leak Detection Products - Water, Oil & Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

Andel Floodline – Water Leak Detection, Oil Leak Detection, Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

Andel Floodline Leak Detection & Environmental Protection Systems

T&D are specialist distributor & stockist of the Andel Floodline range of leak detection products. Our technical sales engineers have extensive product knowledge and can help provide a value engineered solution that meets your requirements.

Andel Floodline Leak Detection Systems

The Andel Floodline range of leak detection systems, control panels, leak sensors and accessories are tried, tested and trusted for their reliability, durability, effectiveness and value.

Andel Floodline – tried, tested and trusted range of water leak detection, refrigerant gas leak detection, and oil leak detection systems set the international benchmark for reliability, durability, effectiveness and value.

Installed in vitally important and sensitive areas Andel Floodline sensors give an immediate warning of unexpected leaks likely to cause asset damage, service disruption, system failure or major loss.

Andel Floodline is manufactured in the UK and shipped around the globe.

Andel Floodline Control Panels

Andel-Floodline leak detection alarm panels form the basis of their leak detection systems. 

All panels (subject to capacity) can work with any of the Andel range of sensors and cables.

The current range of control panels can be used for water leak detection, refrigerant gas leak detection and oil leak detection with a suitable sensor attached.

Andel Floodline Sensors

The Floodline range of dedicated water, oil and refrigerant gas sensing devices can be used in any number or combinations to satisfy the particular requirements of the installation.

Sensing devices are installed to monitor for liquid or gas leaking from wet services, pipes, tanks, drains, roofs, plant and equipment etc and can be applied in a wide variety of ways.

In common with all types of leak detection systems the liquid/gas must physically contact the sensor for the alarm to be activated.

All devices can be operated repeatedly unless contaminated with a liquid or substance which changes the characteristics of the device or leaves a coating/residue which prevents correct functioning.

Water Leak Detection

Water leak detection equipment is designed to detect water leaks from pipes, air conditioning units (AC units,) Fan coil Units (FCUs), Tanks & plantroom equipment.

It is designed to give an early warning so that leaks can be found and fixed quickly before any damage or downtime can occur.

Some common water leak detection applications include, plant room leak detection, Tea Point / Vending area leak detection, Server Room (SER) leak detection and Communications room (comms) leak detection.

Oil Leak Detection

Oil leak detection systems are designed to detect the presents of leaking fuel oil, diesel, chemical spills and distilled/de-ionised water.

Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

The main driving force in refrigerant leak detection is new legislation and standards arising from concerns about:

  • The health and safety of the occupants of air conditioned spaces
  • Depletion of the ozone layer
  • Global warming issues

In addition, when you detect refrigerant leaks early you can reduce operating cost due to:

  • Inefficiencies in refrigeration systems and the associated excess energy consumption cost
  • Top-ups of refrigerants
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Andel Floodline Leak Detection Products - Water, Oil & Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

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