Silicone Heater Mats & Pads

Silicone Heater Mats & Pads For Surface Heating Applications

Thorne & Derrick offer a range of silicone heater mats and pads for surface heating applications. 

Silicone heater mats can be made to suit temperatures ranging from -60ºC to 230ºC and can be provided with a range of temperature control devices including thermocouples, platinum sensors and limit switches.

Wire wound silicone heater mats provide a low cost, fast, precise and even heating for a wide range of surface heating applications:-

  • Industrial Catering
  • Battery Warming
  • Environmental Control
  • Aircraft & Laboratory Equipment

Etch foil silicone heater mats allow for high power densities and rapid heat up times for a wide range of surface heating applications

  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Satellite Dish Snow Melting
  • Anti-Condensation
  • GRP Pipe Curing Systems

Preformed silicone heaters are ideal for pipework heating applications with a small diameter.

Preformed heaters can be formed to closely fit the full or partial circumference of any pipe diameter. 

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Silicone Heater Mats & Pads
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