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Portable Hazardous Area Heaters

Power Output 15kW

 Zone 1 & Zone 2 ATEX Certified Heating


Portable Heaters - ATEX Certified For Hazardous Area Zone 1 & Zone 2 Heating

Pictured : T&D PH15/400CEA ATEX HeatersATEX Heaters

Mobile, Portable Hazardous Area Heating  


Thorne & Derrick are specialist Hazardous Area Electrical Heating Equipment Distributors - we distribute Flameproof, Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe equipment for Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous area heating.

T&D are UK Approved Distributors for leading manufacturers of electric heating equipment for hazardous areas.


T&D service the global oil, gas and petrochemical industries with heat tracing and electrical process heating equipment - the demand for portable hazardous area heating includes offshore vessels such as drill ships, jack-up vessels, semi-submersible vessels, offshore barges and floating platforms.  


  • T&D PH15/400CEA Portable ATEX Heaters 
  • Specification & Features

ATEX Certification :        ATEX Heaters II 2 G c IIB T3    Portable ATEX Heaters Ex d e IIB T3  Gb


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Hazardous Area Heating (Zone 1 & Zone 2 – ATEX Certified)


ATEX Heaters are tough, compact, powerful, user friendly and easily moveable around jobsite.

ATEX Heaters


Typical Applications : ATEX Heaters

  • Offshore Platforms
  • Oil Refineries
  • Confined Spaces
  • Rental
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Composite Repairs
  • Paint Curing or Drying Paint
  • Fabric Maintenance

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T&D are also the largest UK stockist and distributor of Drum & IBC Heaters and Heating Jackets :

Pictured : Drum & IBC Heaters



IBC Heaters


T&D Hazardous Area Electrical Heating - Overview ATEX Heaters                                                                                                                                


ATEX Heaters

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Portable ATEX Heaters
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