IBC Heaters

IBC Heating Jackets & IBC Heater Mats for Industrial Heating Applications

IBC heating jackets can be used for a variety of applications from simple frost protection, to heating up contents and maintaining temperatures to reduce viscosity.

IBC heating jackets are a flexible solution and can be quickly removed and fastened on to another IBC and used again.

Available with a range of power outputs and adjustable thermostat ranges, T&D have the solution for you.

The HIBC/A and IBC1 jackets are ideal for frost protection and low temperature heating, with power outputs of 1000W and 1300W respectively, these jackets are supplied with a 0-40ºC adjustable thermostat.

For applications requiring the temperature of the IBC to be raised further, the HIBC/B, IBC2 and IBC3 jackets are recommended.

These jackets have multiple heating circuits with their own adjustable thermostat each to allow for heat to only be applied up to the current level of the contents.

IBC heating jackets can also be custom made to fit non-standard size containers or using the same principle to apply heat to tanks. Contact T&D for a design and quotation today.

Also available is a silicone heater mat designed for use with ‘bag-in-box’ style IBC’s. The HIBC/A provides heat through the bottom of the container with a digital controller

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IBC Heaters
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