Hazardous Area IBC Heaters

ATEX IBC Heating Jackets for Hazardous Area Industrial Heating Applications

T&D specialise in providing heating solutions suitable for hazardous areas and can provide IBC heating jackets which are ATEX certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Using ATEX certified jackets allows for safe electric heating within potentially explosive atmospheres.

From our selection of ATEX IBC jackets is the Inteliheat IBC/Z1 which provides heating with a self-limiting maximum temperature of 65ºC. The Inteliheat IBC/Z1 can also be used to provide heating to four 200 litre drums.

Bespoke solutions suitable for hazardous areas can also be provided. Manufactured specific to customer requirements, contact T&D for further information and to discuss further.

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Hazardous Area IBC Heaters
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