BREEAM Water Management Solutions

T&D specialise in offering products and solutions which will help clients achieve maximum BREEAM credits for WAT 01, WAT 02, WAT 03 & WAT 04.

We have been work together with Architects, Consultants, Building Services Contractors and End Clients to offer up to date advice and guidance on the most cost effective way to achieve BREEAM water credits.

  • BREEAM WAT 01 - Water Consumption
  • BREEAM WAT 02 - Water Monitoring
  • BREEAM WAT 03 - Water Leak Detection & Prevention
  • BREEAM WAT 04 - Water Efficient Equipment

Whether you are trying to specify or procure a BREEAM compliant system, please contact a one of our BREEAM specialist and they will be happy to help.

Please also see the links below for more information and to see the products we can offer to help you meet the BREEAM criteria.

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BREEAM Water Management Solutions
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