Safety Showers & Eyebaths

By Natalie Lundie on 8th May, 2014

Speakman Optimus SE-1200 & SE-1250 Combination Emergency Safety Shower With Plastic & Steel Eye & Face Wash System Emergency safety shower with emergency safety eye & face wash stations provide an on the spot decontamination uni... Read More - Emergency Safety Sho...

By Natalie Lundie on 7th May, 2014

Combination Emergency Safety Eyewash & Laboratory Tap Speakman SEF-1850 - Speakman Eyesaver In the event of chemical eye burn using the correct emergency safety equipment could dramatically reduce the severity of the injury of the user. Pa... Read More - What Emergency Safet...

By Natalie Lundie on 6th May, 2014

Polished Stainless Steel Tap Mounted Portable Emergency Eyewash Haws 7620 Axion eyePOD A delayed reaction after exposure to a hazardous substance can cause serious injury. It is advised after a splash with a corrosive substance that the affecte... Read More - Medically Approved P...

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