What is BREEAM WAT 03?

By Terry McDonald on 4th June, 2013

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What is BREEAM WAT 03?

BREEAM WAT 03 - Water Leak Detection and Prevention

The aim of BREEAM WAT 03 is to reduce the impact of water leaks that may otherwise go undetected.

Two BREEAM credit are available for BREEAM WAT 03.

BREEAM New construction scheme 2011 states the following as guidance notes for compliance:-

One BREEAM credit is available for:-

A. A leak detection system which is capable of detecting a major water leak on the mains water supply within the building and between the building and the utilities water meter.

B. The leak detection system is:

  1. Audible when activated
  2. Activated when the flow of water passing through the water meter/data logger is at a flow rate above a pre-set maximum for a pre-set period of time
  3. Able to identify different flow and therefore leakage rates, e.g. continuous, high and/or low level, over set time periods
  4. Programmable to suit the owner/occupiers’ water consumption criteria
  5. Where applicable, designed to avoid false alarms caused by normal operation of large water-consuming plant such as chillers

One BREEAM Credit is available for:-

C. One of the following types of flow control device is fitted to each WC area/facility to ensure water is supplied only when needed (and therefore prevent minor water leaks):

  1. A time controller i.e. an automatic time switch device to switch off the water supply after a predetermined interval
  2. A programmed time controller i.e. an automatic time switch device to switch water on and/or off at predetermined times
  3. A volume controller i.e. an automatic control device to turn off the water supply once the maximum preset volume is reached
  4. A presence detector and controller i.e. an automatic device detecting occupancy or movement in an area to switch water on and turn it off when the presence is removed
  5. A central control unit i.e. a dedicated computer-based control unit for an overall man-aged water control system, utilising some or all of the types of control elements listed above

For further information on BREEAM WAT 03 and other BREEAM credit criteria, please click on the links below or contact one of our BREEAM experts for advice. Alternatively download the BREEAM new construction scheme 2011 PDF or visit www.breeam.org

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BREEAM WAT 03 Water Leak Detection and Prevention

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