What is BREEAM WAT 01?

By Terry McDonald on 22nd May, 2013

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What is BREEAM WAT 01?

BREEAM WAT 01 Water Consumption & Assessment Criteria

The aim of BREEAM WAT 01 is to reduce the consumption of potable water for sanitary use in new buildings from all sources through the use of water efficient components and water recycling systems.

Up to five BREEAM credits are available for BREEAM WAT 01

Breeam New construction scheme 2011 states the following as guidance notes for compliance:-

1. An assessment of the efficiency of the building’s domestic water consuming components is
undertaken using the BREEAM Wat 01 calculator.

2. The water consumption (litres/person/day) for the assessed building is compared against a
baseline performance and BREEAM credits awarded as follows:

% Improvement No. of Credits
12.5% 1
25% 2
40% 3
50% 4
55% 5
65% Exemplary Performance

3. The efficiency of the following ‘domestic scale’ water consuming components must be included
in the calculation (where specified):
a. WCs
b. Urinals
c. Taps (wash hand basins and where specified kitchen taps and waste disposal unit)
d. Showers
e. Baths
f. Dishwashers (domestic and commercial sized)
g. Washing machine (domestic and commercial/industrial sized)

4. Where a greywater and/or rainwater system is specified, its yield (l/person/day) can be used to
off-set non potable water demand from components that would otherwise be supplied using
potable water.

5. Any greywater systems must be specified and installed in compliance with BS8525-1:2010 Greywater
Systems - Part 1 Code of Practice1. Any rainwater systems must be specified and installed
in compliance with BS8515:2009 Rainwater Harvesting Systems - Code of practice2.

6. Report the total net water consumption in m3/person/yr, via the BREEAM scoring and reporting
tool (where total net water consumption can be modelled by the BREEAM Wat 01 calculator for
the assessed building type).

7. Healthcare and prison buildings: refer to the relevant Compliance note for additional criteria
regarding the specification of particular micro-component controls.

For further information on BREEAM WAT 1 and other BREEAM credit criteria, please click on the links below or contact one of our BREEAM experts for advice. Alternatively download the BREEAM new construction scheme 2011 PDF or visit www.breeam.org

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