Use T&D Drum Heaters To Melt Waxes & Resins

By Terry McDonald on 15th November, 2013

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Use T&D Drum Heaters To Melt Waxes & Resins

Drum Heating Jackets & Equipment for Reducing Viscosity of Waxes & Resins

Drum heating jackets can be used to consistently heat the container and raise the temperature, allowing for easy management of contents.

Some substances are highly viscous or solid at ambient temperatures making them difficult to decant and have very high melting points. Wax in particular can require high temperatures before becoming manageable.

T&D are able to provide drum heating jackets and equipment to suit a range of drum container sizes including high temperature heated jackets and base drum heaters to melt solidified substances and reduce viscosity.

A range of high temperature drum heating jackets are available for 25, 50, 105 and 200 litre steel drum containers. Alternatively, custom jackets can be provided to fit other container sizes.

To further raise the temperature of 200 litre drums to higher temperatures in a shorter space of time a base drum heater can be used.

Drum & Container Heating Products

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