Micronics Clamp On Flow Meters Used By Bedfordshire NHS Trust

By Natalie Lundie on 5th December, 2013

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Micronics Clamp On Flow Meters Used By Bedfordshire NHS Trust

Portaflow PF330 Portable Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Micronics Clamp On Flow Meters Improve Energy Monitoring & Efficiency By Bedfordshire NHS Trust

In recent times the NHS has had numerous resources cut. It has therefore become increasingly important to make energy and efficiency savings in hospitals that don’t have a direct effect on the patient’s care.

In this instance the hospital decided to focus on controlling the use of domestic hot water consumption and heat.  Micronics clamp on flow meters provided the most cost effective solution when trying to monitor and calculate the energy efficiency of the hot water system.

The Portaflow PF330 portable ultrasonic clamp on flow meter was selected due to its easy installation, maintenance and non-contact technology.

This PF330 was identified as the ideal solution as the hospital staff wanted to measure and understand their hot water consumption so they could accurately improve their current plant and equipment to the most effective energy efficient solution. They wanted to do this without spending lots of time and money installing in-line meters. 

Micronics clamp-on flow meters are robust and are able to provide a reliable quick and long term solution to measuring flow accurately.

A trial took place where the Portaflow PF330’s were installed in numerous locations within the hospital’s current plant to check mechanical flow equipment was correctly sized.

Staff members were able to calculate their energy consumption by monitoring their flow rates and calculating the cost and carbon footprint implications.

Micronics PF330 was the chosen solution as the product was the most competitively priced and able to measure the flow accurately within the current plant.

This pilot could be rolled out in other hospitals or similar schemes across the UK as an example of good energy measurement.

Micronics Portaflow PF330 Clamp on Flow Meters

Micronics Portable Clamp on Flow Meters

Micronics Permanent Clamp on Flow Meters

T&D are a master distributor & stockist of Micronics clamp on flow meters. Micronics have a portable and permanent range of clamp on flow meters. 

To discuss your application requirements or to request a quote please contact our technical sales team today or click the request a quote button.  


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