McDonalds Are Lovin’ DVS Flushvalves

By Natalie Lundie on 17th September, 2013

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McDonalds Are Lovin’ DVS Flushvalves

McDonalds Are Lovin’ DVS Flushvalves

Dart Valley Systems Automatic Flushvalves

McDonalds have installed DVS automatic flushvalves in their new Milton Keynes restaurant.

The fast food chain has been working to improve their environmental credentials in recent years, and as well as aiming to reduce their restaurants’ energy consumption they are also committed to minimising the amount of water their restaurants use.

Due to high traffic nature of the washrooms a lot of water can be wasted with each flush. By choosing DVS flushvalves they will significantly reduce their water usage and help them to achieve their environmental pledge, whilst also making savings in reduced call out and service charges.

DVS flushvalves have consistently performed to high standards in some of the busiest environments in the UK, including many airports and service stations, with an estimated flush rate on some sites of up to 400 flushes per day!

Benefits & Features Of DVS Automatic Flushvalves

  • 4.5 litre flush
  • Typical 30% savings on water costs
  • Adjustable for optimum flush
  • Hygienic no-touch operation
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Dual flush
  • Fits and existing and new WCs

DVS WC Flushing Kits help to save water with the WC Flushvalves saving enormous amounts in busy public toilets. WC Flushing Kits are vandal proof, reliable and robust making them ideal for use in public places. 

T&D are an authorised DVS stockist and distributor. We can offer very competitive prices. Please contact us now for a quotation.

Dart Valley Systems WC Flushing Kits

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