LV Gas Bottle Heaters - 24V Gas Bottle Heating Jackets

By Terry McDonald on 29th April, 2014

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LV Gas Bottle Heaters - 24V Gas Bottle Heating Jackets

LV Gas Bottle Heaters - 24V Gas Bottle Heating Jackets

T&D are now able to offer low voltage heater jackets within our extensive range of drum & container heating equipment to suit gas bottle containers. LV gas bottle heating jackets utilise a patented carbon polymer material which provides uniform heating with high thermal transfer across the full surface area of the gas cylinder with a 24V output from a 110V or 230V supply voltage.

Gas bottle heater jackets can be provided from stock in standard sizes as small as 500mm x 150mmØ up to as large as 1460mm x 230mmØ and have a temperature range from ambient up to 100ºC. LV gas cylinder heaters have a reinforced chemical and water resistant PVC outer cover and the heated sections of the jacket are also insulated with 20mm of close cell foam insulation to ensure efficient performance.

Some gas mixtures such as hydrocarbon calibration gases have important characteristics which can be affected if a suitable temperature is not maintained.

This can affect the integrity of the mixture with consequent impact on any calibration process.

When a gas is discharged from a cylinder it expands rapidly and therefore cools. This can cause problems such as frost formation or icing, either at the valve or in the application.

The gasesous expansion effect can also reduce flow rates.

Heating the cylinder can help to maintain a gas mixture homogeneous state and avoids the problems associated with temperature drop on discharge from the cylinder.

Additionally, in some cases, heating the gas can take it from a liquid to gaseous phase and thus improve the cylinder pressure and flow control. 

LV Gas Bottle Heater - 24V Gas Cylinder Heating Jackets - Features & Benefits

  • High thermal transfer characteristics
  • Faster heat-up of gas bottle contents for greater process efficiency
  • High thermal insulation
  • Completely uniform, controlled heating for precise process management
  • Easily removable for access and maintenance
  • Simple operation with digital user controlled temperature setting
  • Practical and easy to clean with reinforced chemical and water resistant PVC outer material rated
  • Enhanced product heating for better process performance and time savings from improved efficiency
  • Low voltage for complete safety
  • Increases cylinder pressure

T&D also stock and distribute low voltage drum heater jackets and low voltage base drum heaters and IBC heating jackets to suit a wide variety of container types.

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