Humidity & Temperature Sensors Help Cheese Taste Just Right

By Terry McDonald on 21st August, 2014

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Humidity & Temperature Sensors Help Cheese Taste Just Right

Measuring Humidity & Temperature In Cheese Production

Humidity and temperature sensors are crucial in cheese production to ensure the final product tastes correct. They help prevent the cheese from sweating or discharging fat. Humidity & Temperature Sensors Help Cheese Taste Just Right

In the UK cheese is said to be bought by 98% of households with there being around 700 named cheeses made in the UK.

So how do dairies ensure that they have the optimum humidity and temperature to make the cheese we love taste so good?

Cheese needs to be stored for several months in the right air humidity and temperature to allow the right flavour and taste to develop.

It is imperative that the correct humidity and temperature sensors are used as due to high air humidity not all sensors are suitable for regulating the air conditioning system.

These sensors need to be regularly calibrated in position so the humidity and temperature sensors need to be removed and replaced with a newly calibrated sensors.

In this instance the dairy opted for the Rotronic HF5 series of humidity and temperature sensors to keep the humidity at 74 RH% and the temperature constantly at 11.5C.Measuring Humidity & Temperature With Rotronic HF5 Transmitters In Cheese Production

The dairy’s previous sensors spare parts were unavailable so they decided to try the Rotronic HF5 transmitters as the sensors are easily removed without needing to remove the full housing.

Calibration is simple as the old sensor can be easily exchanged with a newly calibrated humidity and temperature sensor without having to remove the full transmitter

Calibrating the Rotronic HF5 humidity and temperature transmitter is a very important process in cheese production.

Temperature sensors are most accurate when they are able to present data that has an accuracy of ±0.1 °C and relative humidity that has an accuracy of ±0.8%.

The dairy needed to solve another issue. During the maturing process Gruyere emits ammonia which could harm the Rotronic humidity and temperature sensors.

Rotronic HF5 Humidity And Temperature Transmitter

After a trial period of a few months the sensors were still functioning accurately even with high concentration levels of ammonia. The Rotronic HF5 is able to continuously monitor the humidity and temperature without the presence of an expert.

The Rotronic HF5 humidity and transmitters are suitable for a wide range of applications providing highly accurate readings. The Rotronic HF5 can be used with HygroClip2 probes that are equipped with AirChip3000 technology.

This advanced sensor technology can compensate humidity and temperature at over 30,000 reference points and store 2,000 data sets. The AirChip3000 technology is able to regular check the sensor and sound an alarm if any problems are detected.

T&D are able to offer the full range of Rotronic humidity and temperature sensors. Please contact Thorne and Derrick to discuss your application or to purchase today.

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