How To Safely Store Primary Containers

By Natalie Lundie on 14th April, 2014

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How To Safely Store Primary Containers

Safe Storage Of Primary Containers (Drum & IBCS)

A primary container can be defined as one of the following fixed tank, drum, mobile browser, IBC or any other container used for storage.

It is imperative that your primary storage containers should be sufficient in strength and structural integrity so under normal circumstances they won’t leak or burst.

Any primary containers that are damaged should be removed or repaired as soon as possible. For example dented or rusty containers are unlikely to be fit for use.

Extra care needs to be taken when handling drum and IBCS where hazardous substances are present particularly during dispensing when workers are exposed to the contents. Employers need to adhere to the COSHH Regulations 2002 guidance regarding minimising the health risks arising from the use of hazardous substances.

Primary containers with a packaging certificate and marked with United Nations (UN) inspection would normally be considered structurally sound however they should be examined before use in case they have been damaged since their last inspection.

Primary containers should be stored inside a building, under cover or protected from the elements by other means unless stated in legal requirements otherwise.

Consideration needs to be taken when storing drums outside in a vertical position as steel drums are prone to rusting from rainwater and plastic containers may deteriorate over time and become brittle. It is advised not to store drums directly on top of one another to lower the risk of drums splitting under pressure or falling over.

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