T&D Supply Hazardous Area Heated Hose Solution for World Leading Chemical Company

By Terry McDonald on 7th February, 2013

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T&D Supply Hazardous Area Heated Hose Solution for World Leading Chemical Company

Hazardous Area Heated Hose Solutions from T&D

T&D have been employed by a world leading chemical company to design and supply hazardous area heated hoses.

Heated hoses are required to maintain the flow temperature of a fuel additive at 40ºC. The fuel additive is being used as part of a pour point depressant system for offloading of crude oil.

Hazardous Area Heated Hoses

Heated hoses are the ideal solution for flexible transportation of liquid or gas substances without heat loss.

The necessary temperature, power, application, and outer protection material determine the choice of the heated hose technique.

Heated hoses can be used to heat up, prevent heat loss and to transport media, e.g. grease, oils, wax, resins, bitumen, varnish, water, carbon dioxide, foam plastics, casting compounds, glue, foodstuff etc.

It is particularly important to keep these materials in a fluid state or to grant for specific treatment properties in a determined range of temperature.

T&D provide safe and hazardous area process heating solutions for a wide range of applications, including trace heating, immersion heaters, air heaters, heated hoses, silicone heating mats, heating jackets, IBC heaters, drum heaters and much more. Please contact our design team for further information.

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