Gost-R Approved Fan Heaters

By Natalie Lundie on 10th October, 2013

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Gost-R Approved Fan Heaters

 GOST-R Approved Fan Heaters - EXHEAT FUH

GOST-R Flameproof Fan Heaters

T&D supply a range of GOST-R approved fan heaters that are ideal for use in large premises. Please contact out sales office today to discuss your requirements.

EXHEAT FUH GOST-R  fan heaters offer a compact high capacity air heating solution which can be supplied and tailor made to the client’s needs with regards to power supply and capacity requirements.

What is GOST-R?

GOST-R is the current technical and safety regulations for the Russian market. According to Russian Federation Law, more than 70% of all products which are sold and used within Russia require mandatory certification.

T&D are also suppliers of other GOST-R certified equipment such as solenoid valves suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Contact T&D for further information on any of our GOST-R approved products and to discuss your requirements.

Gost-R Approved Fan Heaters

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