Site Cabin Water Supplies Will Freeze This Winter

By Ben Riley on 18th November, 2013

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Site Cabin Water Supplies Will Freeze This Winter

Protect Your Temporary Water Supplies With Site Cabin Frost Protection Before It's Too Late!

Don't Let Your Site Cabin's Water Supply Freeze This Winter

Don't be caught out by freezing temperatures. Every year scores of cold water pipes to site cabins, portacabins and other temporary building freeze.

By virtue of their temporary nature, frost protection of the cold water pipework to temporary buildings is the last thing considered. More often than not it is only when the taps don't run that it enters the mind. Then it's out with the blow torch or heat gun in an 'after-the-horse-has-bolted' attempt to get your water flowing.

You can make sure it doesn't happen on your site by taking the simple, precautionary action of installing Heatfast site cabin frost protection heat tracing kits.

HF7000D site cabin heat tracing kits provide a quick and safe frost protection solution.The frost protection kits consist of the following:

  • HF1210 - Self Regulating Frost Protection Cable
  • HF9102 - Digital Surface Sensing Thermostat
  • HF9425 - Connection/Termination Kit
  • HF9501 - Glass Tape
  • HF9591 - Warning Labels
  • HF9550 - Mounting Brackets

Site Cabin Water Supplies Will Freeze This Winter

Kits can be supplied in any size and can be ordered by contacting the T&D sales team on T: 0191 4901547.

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