Energy Saving Air Curtains - Dimplex Proves It

By Terry McDonald on 21st January, 2014

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Energy Saving Air Curtains - Dimplex Proves It

Many traditional air curtains in use today were installed when energy conservation was not a priority and not have any 'eco' functionality.

There is an increasing responsiblity on the building owner or tenant to ensure that the product used maximises carbon efficiency and minimises running costs. Dimplex air curtains are designed to meet this criteria and the results of a test held in association with Clinton Cards prove this.


Carbon Emissions


Running Cost


Old Air Curtain 489kg £96
New Dimplex Air Curtain 68kg £13
Dimplex Air Curtain Energy Saving Features
Eco Installation Mode Where appropriate Dimplex air curtains can be set to permanently consume up to 50% less energy for reduced running costs
Thermostat Regulation Mode

No need for PWM systems that cost the earth. Thermostatic regulation fitted as standard** is the most cost effective way to save energy.

Switching heat in and out as conditions dictate without limiting performance.
** model specific

Dual Door Control On double doors where one door remains closed the Dimplex 2m unit can switch off half the air curtain airstream over the closed door for further energy savings.
Passive Infra-Red Sensor Mode Control the air curtain using a PIR sensor and save energy whenever the air curtain is not needed. Another inexpensive solution from Dimplex.
Interlocked Installation Mode Connect to a compatible HVAC system and save up to 50% running costs as the air curtain modulates according to the HVAC system.
Interlocked & Eco Mode Run the air curtain in eco mode and link to the HVAC system to save up to 97% of running costs.
Auto Door Sensor Mode Fitting a door contact to the air curtain electronics will bring auto operation and savings whenever the doors are closed.
BMS Connect to a full function BMS system and control according to overall building energy management settings for greater savings.

By controlling the operation of the air curtain automatically according to the surrounding temperatures, the 'eco' air curtain makes a significant running cost saving over just a short ten test period.

In time, these savings would make an important contribution to the carbon savings from the building.

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