T&D Trained on Eltherm Hazardous Area Heated Hoses

By Terry McDonald on 22nd May, 2013

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T&D Trained on Eltherm Hazardous Area Heated Hoses

Eltherm Heated Hoses for T&D Product Specialists

Eltherm GmbH have now completed a detailed programme of training enabling the creation of a Specialist Heated Hoses Department at T&D.

Creation of the heated hoses department further expands T&D's range towards a complete speciaist industrial heating solution provider complimenting the existing range of industrial & hazardous area (ATEX approved) trace heating, drum & IBC heating, immersion heating, and suface heating (silicone heater mats & pads) products. 

T&D are able to determine the ideal heated hose solution through understanding of the application and temperature requirements.

This allows selection of the correct heat input and outer protection material to suit heated hose applications enabling the flexible transportation of liquid or gas substances without heat loss.  

Exampes of applications for gas substances include frost protection on hoses to prevent condensation, alternatively heated hoses can be used to guarantee constant gas temperatures up to 250°C.

For liquids, heated hoses can be used to heat up, prevent heat loss and to enusre a fluid state is maintained in a variety of products( e.g.  grease, oils, wax, resins, bitumen, varnish, water, carbon dioxide, foam plastics, casting compounds, glue, foodstuff etc, etc..).

For these applications the heated hose is mostly laid on the mobile machine components (robots) and equipment.

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