Drum Heater Jackets Supplied To Keep The Air Fresh

By Terry McDonald on 11th July, 2014

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Drum Heater Jackets Supplied To Keep The Air Fresh

25L Drum Heating Jackets

HISD/A Heater Jacket

T&D have provided 25L drum heater jackets to cleaning and hygiene chemical manufacturer.

T&D were approached to provide a solution when problems occurred when trying to empty the contents of a 25L drum container which had arrived from overseas.

The drum containers held a chemical which at low temperatures was difficult to remove and as a result was slowing down the production process.

Drum Heater Jacket - 25L Drum Heating Jacket


T&D provided a solution with the HISD/A drum heater jacket for 25L containers, this allowed the client to heat up the container to reduce the viscosity of the chemical allowing the contents to easily be removed and avoid production delays.

HISD/A drum heater jackets can be fitted with either a 0-40ºC or 0-90ºC adjustable thermostat, a 4 metre power cable and adjustable quick release buckles to secure the jacket to the drum container.

Drum Heater Jackets

For further information on the HISD/A drum heater jacket and the range of Drum Heater Jackets & Container Heating Equipment that T&D offer please contact us today for further information and a quotation.


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