Drum Heater Jacket Designed To Melt Or Reduce The Viscosity Of Soaps, Varnishes, Fats, Oils & Foodstuffs

By Natalie Lundie on 19th February, 2014

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Drum Heater Jacket Designed To Melt Or Reduce The Viscosity Of Soaps, Varnishes, Fats, Oils & Foodstuffs

HISD Drum Heater Jacket

Drum Heating Solutions - HISD/A, HISD/B, HISD/C, HISD/D, HISD/E

The HISD range of drum heater jackets are designed to melt or reduce the viscosity of soaps, varnishes and other oil based media. The HISD drum heater jackets are simple to use and are an effective method of applying heat to steel and plastic drums.

Four jacket sizes are available. 200L along with 25L, 50L and 105L. All drum heater jacket sizes are equipped with 4 metres of power cable and a capillary thermostat (0 to +40°C or 0 to +90°C). The drum heater jackets are manufactured from lightweight, resilient material and fitted with quick release buckles. Bespoke jacket sizes are available on request.  

Other applications include melting or reducing the viscosity of fats varnishes, fats, foodstuffs and oil based products. HISD drum heating jackets can be used alongside a HBD base drum heater to reduce heat up times and provide higher power input if needed for some materials.

The heating element of the HISD range of drum heater jackets is stitched into an insulated jacket made from Teflon/Polyester material that is waterproof. The heating element is of double insulated construction for safety.

HISD Drum Heater Jacket - Technical Specification

  • 0 to 40°C or 0 to 90°C Thermostat
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Adjustable Quick Release Buckles
  • Standard Sizes
  • 25L, 50L, 105L, 200L
  • Bespoke Sizes to Order
  • 4 Metre Power Cable
  • Class II Double Insulation
  • IP40 protection

To see the full range of HISD drum heater jackets please click the links below:

HISD Drum Heater Jacket

HISD/A Drum Heater Jackets - 25L 200W

HISD/B Drum Heater Jackets - 50L 250W

HISD/C Drum Heater Jackets - 105L 400W

HISD/D Drum Heater Jackets - 200L 450W

HISD/E Drum Heater Jackets - 200L 1200W

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