Dimplex Air Curtains - Energy Savings Up To 30%

By Terry McDonald on 21st January, 2014

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Dimplex Air Curtains - Energy Savings Up To 30%

The need to save energy and preserve our planet is all around us. From our personal responsibility to conserve energy to our collective energies to lower our carbon footprint, the need to save energy has never been more compelling.

T&D are authorised distributors of the Dimplex air curtains.

Dimplex air curtains have been designed with this is mind, delivering real energy savings with low levels of investment; they can and do contribute to lower running costs, greater energy efficiency and a more comfortable environment, attributes appreciated in just about all commercial situations.

Reducing our energy use can often mean the need to change the way we live and work. 

Air curtains facilitate the way we already work, allowing unhindered access just with added energy savings.

In retail situations, the open door is a welcome to potential customers, in industrial situations frequently opening doors facilitate fast turn rounds for speedy deliveries, and in all buildings open doors can help accessibility for all. 

By fitting a Dimplex air curtain over frequently opening entrances, whole building heating costs can be reduced by up to 30% as a result of lower heat levels escaping the building.

In summertime when air conditioning is used to cool the building, a Dimplex air curtain used in ambient mode (without heat) helps to maintain the cool interior climate from escaping the building cutting running costs and improving comfort levels. 

Dimplex air curtains protect against costly heating or air conditioning escaping the building and maintain comfort levels for staff and customers alike, safeguarding clear access in and out of the building.

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