Clamp On Flow Meters Used By Lodge Cottrell

By Natalie Lundie on 10th December, 2013

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Clamp On Flow Meters Used By Lodge Cottrell

PF330 Portable Clamp On Flow Meters Used To Reduce Commissioning Time & Fixed Installations Costs

Clamp On Flow Meters

Lodge Cottrell are one of the world’s leading specialist in air pollution control. They wanted to reduce the commissioning time and fixed installation costs on their pollution control plant for coal fired boilers. The PF330 clamp on flow meters were identified as a solution.

The Problem

Lodge Cottrell wanted to process the ash extracted from their boiler flue gas treatment system by mixing this with water to form slurry suitable for disposal. The extraction process affects the ash extracted from the flue gas by an Electrostatic Precipitator. The water flow rate needs to be specifically measured to ensure that the slurry is of the correct consistency from the plant. Altogether the plant has 32 water lines with pipe sizes ranging from 18 to 1 inch diameter pipe.

Lodge Cottrell looked into the possibility of using permanent clamp on flow meters but this would have created 32 fixed metering points which would have been a very costly solution.

The Solution

PF330 portable clamp on flow meters were used to accurately measure the water flow rate for the set up of each mixer section.

Portable clamp on meters were chosen as the PF330’s were the best value and they use non-invasive and clamp on technology making them easy to install. The PF330 portable clamp on flow meter aided commissioning of the water flow lines with considerable time and cost benefits over alternative fixed inline metering points.

Lodge Cottrell can now use the PF330 clamp on heat meter for similar temporary flow measurement requirements such as commissioning and set up of water flow lines.

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