Base Heaters for Steel Drum Container Heating

By Terry McDonald on 16th April, 2014

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Base Heaters for Steel Drum Container Heating

Base drum heaters are designed to raise the temperature of steel drum containers by applying heat through the bottom of the container. The HBD base drum heater is specifically designed to melt or reduce the viscosity of substances including soaps, fats, waxes, varnishes and oil based products.

The HBD base drum heater can be used to heat drum containers up to 200 litre and provides heat via a 900W silicone rubber insulated heater mats, encased within 2mm thick mild steel and insulated with 50mm of high density rock wool. Using a silicone heating mat within the steel provides an even distribution of heat to the base of the drum.

HBD base drum heaters have a high temperature coating and temperature adjustment is via a rear aperture in the control unit with an adjustable range from 0 to 150ºC. The control unit includes neon lights indicating power on and load switching which can be viewed through a window in the control unit top.

HBD Base Drum Heaters - Features & Benefits

  • Robust Steel Construction
  • Even Heat Over Platen Area
  • 0 to 150°C Thermostat
  • 110 or 230 Volt Options
  • 2 Metre Armoured Power Cable
  • IP40 Protection
  • Ex-stock
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Cost Effective

Additionally if a rapid heat up is required or solid materials require heating and higher power outputs, drum heating jackets can also be used to provide an additional source of heat. T&D offer a wide range of drum heating jackets to suit different sizes and heating requirements.

Contact T&D for further information or click here to request a quote.

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