ASCO 291 Solenoid Valves For Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Applications

By Terry McDonald on 17th February, 2017

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Solenoid Valves For Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Applications

ASCO Solenoid Valves - CNG Applications

ASCO 291 Series Solenoid Valve For CNG

T&D have recently supplied some ASCO solenoid valves to a global specialist in the field of engine development. Our client is a leader in the manufacture of powertrains and also specialise in CNG fueling systems. 

CNG Solenoid Valve ASCO 291 Series

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is being used more frequently as an alternative fuel source. It is environmentally friendly when compared with other forms of fuel such as petrol. This is due to a 25% reduction in CO2 output. The main component of CNG is methane and this can be produced from organic substances which again helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

The Problem

Our client required a CNG solenoid valve that could meet the harsh process conditions associated with compressed natural gas. The solenoid valve needed to be extremely reliable, compact in design and able withstand a burst pressure beyond 1400 bar. All this, whilst keeping power consumption to a minimum.

CNG Solenoid Valves - ASCO 291 Series

ASCO 291 Solenoid Valves

T&D were able to offer the ASCO 291 solenoid valves as a solution - ASCO 291 series is a 2 way, high pressure, pilot operated solenoid valve and has been developed by ASCO specifically for CNG applications. The CNG solenoid valve has a long operating life and is able to meet the heavy duty requirements of compressed natural gas.  

Features & Benefits Of ASCO 291 Solenoid Valves

  • ​High Pressure Valve: Can withstand over 5,000psi
  • Optimised Flow Rate: High CNG dispense rate for faster fill time
  • Explosion Proof Solenoid Valves: Suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres under ATEX directive.
  • Wide Temp Range:  -40ºC - +70ºC
  • Manifold Assemblies: Save space, reduce leakage paths & maintenance

CNG Solenoid Valve - ASCO 291 Series Specification

CNG Solenoid Valves - ASCO part of Emerson Industrial Automation

ASCO are part of the Emerson Industrial Automation group and their solenoid valves are synonymous with quality and reliability. There are over 50,000 valves within the ASCO range and they continue to be at the forefront of innovation and design.

T&D are an authorised distributor for ASCO and can help you design and specify a solenoid valve to meet your requirements.

For further information on CNG solenoid valves or any of the ASCO solenoid valve range please contact T&D today. 

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