Andel-PPL Pollution Prevention

By Natalie Lundie on 13th May, 2014

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Andel-PPL Pollution Prevention

Andel-PPL BundGuard

Automatic Oil & Water Separating Pump System

Andel-PPL Pollution Prevention branch of Andel was established as a direct response to customer’s requests for help in understanding and complying government legislation including The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001.

One of the main products that is part of the Andel-PPL Pollution Prevention range is the Andel-PPL BundGuard automatic oil & water separating pump system.

In 1992 the Andel-PPL BundGuard was developed and has since been installed throughout the UK protecting the environment and the operator of the site.

The automatic oil & water separting pump system was developed a result of the UK electricity industy facing problems with water removal at substation sites across the country.

By law there must be a form of secondary containment or bund to retain leaks and spills from any drum, plant or tank that contains more than 200 litres of oil.

Electrcity transformers and other large oil storage tanks can contain thousands of litres of oil that are exposed to all weather conditions. Rainwater is collected in the bund so the holdinbg capcity becomes reduced.

As oil floats on water, once the capacity drops below 100% there is a risk of oil overflowing over the bund wall in the event of tank failure.

Andel-PPL BundGuard has a robust stainless steel pump and sensor unit located within the sump.

The pump is activated by the control unit as and when required to remove only clean water safe to foul sewer or interceptor depending on the sites circumstances.

Andel's BundGuard system has a number of failsafe systems in place and a range of visual and relay alarm outputs to ensure safety and allow for communication to remote monitoring systems. 

Andel-PPL BundGuard Advantages & Features

  • Self-contained
  • Easy to fit automatic pump and alarm unit
  • Monitors around the clock
  • Uses advanced circuitry and micro control technology
  • Reduces carbon footprint

Andel PPL BundGuard - Automatic Oil & Water Separating Pump System

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