Drum Oven Heating Solutions - Save Energy & Money

By Natalie Lundie on 6th June, 2013

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Drum Oven Heating Solutions - Save Energy & Money

Airflow “Shuttle” Drum Oven Solution

Airflow are a manufacturer of industrial and drum heating ovens. Based in the UK, they have over 30,000sqft of manufacturing space and use the latest 3D design technology and simulators to meet even the most difficult client requirements. Below is a case study detailing how installation of a "Shuttle"  drum heating oven saved a company more than £32,000 per year in energy costs.   

The Client

Trade coater are a company who specialise in architectural ballistrading, wrought iron fencing and gates to name a few.  

The Problem

Before the shuttle drum oven was installed they had a very inefficient conveyorised LPG fired tunnel oven, which was installed to process larger components up to 7m in length. The problem was the oven was on for 9 hours per day with an exceptionally high running cost.

The Application

Industrial oven & powder coating application for the coating of steel based products. The efficient box oven approach was a more efficient oven and allowed them to substantially reduce the time the oven was on.

The Solution

Airflow provided a 7.2 deep x 3m wide x 2.5m high 'shuttle' oven with three non powered tracks running through the oven. The tracking gave them all the flexibility to process smaller components whilst also being able to cater for the largest components. The conveyor track was extended on either end of the oven for load and unload which allowed them to coat a batch load place in the oven with optimum loading of the oven, to start the cure cycle which takes approximately 45 minutes and remove the parts for cooling. Meanwhile the next batch was being coated.

The Benefits

  • Worked with Professional Coatings and the Carbon Trust
  • Resulted in an annual saving on LPG cost of approximately £32,000
  • Payback for the shuttle oven and conveyor system was 15 months
  • More efficient plant system and through put in the manufacturing cycle
  • Optimum Industrial solution to their problem

T&D are able to offer the full range of standard industrial ovens ranging from 4 to 32 drum capacity. We also supply a full range of drum and container heating solutions. For more information please contact our sales team or click her to request a quote.

Airflow Industrial Drum Ovens

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