Air Heaters For Chemical Plants

By Natalie Lundie on 5th December, 2013

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Air Heaters For Chemical Plants

Air Heaters For Chemical Plants - EXHEAT FAW

EXHEAT FAW Air Warmers For Chemical Plants

T&D have recently worked with a client who required air heaters for a chemical plant. Our technical engineers were able to ensure that they received the most suitable air heater to meet their exact requirements.

In this case it was EXHEAT’s FAW range of air heaters as they are the ideal heating solution for small storage and work areas which are located in zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas.

Air Heaters For Chemical Plants - EXHEAT FAW


Lightweight Stainless Steel or Coated Mild Steel


If required the heaters can be controlled from the EXHEAT range of remote mounted thermostats available for use in Safe or Hazardous Areas


Support feet pre-drilled suitable for floor mounting supplied as standard (Wall mounting brackets available on request)

Supply Voltage

Any electrical supply may be specified up to 440V


ATEX certified Ex II 2 G

IECEx & ATEX certified EX'e' II T2 to T4

IEC/EN60079-0 & IEC/EN60079-7

GOST-R (Contact T&D for further information)

EXHEAT’s FAW range of air heaters for chemical plants can be used in other applications such as in paint and solvent stores, battery stores, aircraft hangers and fuel service areas.

EXHEAT’s FAW Range Of Air Heaters For Chemical Plants

For further information on air warmers for and other applications that T&D offer click the link below, click here to request a quote or contact our sales and technical department today.

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