What is the IECEx certification?

By Terry McDonald on 7th July, 2014

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 What is the IECEx certification?

Hazardous Area Classification

EX Area

The IECEx International Certification Scheme is a voluntary certification system which offers a certification of conformity with the IEC series of standards 60079, 61241 and 61779.IECEx Certifcation For Ex Areas

IECEx certification facilitates the international trade of electrical equipment intended for use in potentially explosive hazardous area atmospheres and contributes to avoiding the multiplicity of national hazardous area certifications such as ATEX and GOST, while guaranteeing an adapted level of safety.

What is an Ex area?

Also known as hazardous areas/locations and explosive atmospheres an EX area relates to an area where gases, vapours, flammable liquids or combustible dusts are present and are sufficient in quantity that they could create a fire or an explosion.

Ex equipment needs to be used in Ex areas such as in chemical processing plants, aircraft hangers and oil rig and refineries.

This hazardous area classification is issued by an organisation recognised by IECEx, an ExCB (Ex Certification Body). The hazardous area classification allows the following:Ex Areas - Hazardous Area/Location & Explosive Atomsphere

  • Direct access to the markets in Australia, New Zealand etc.
  • Simplifies access to local certifications in Russia, China, and USA etc.
  • Reduces the time and costs for certification due to its international recognition.
  • All certificates issued are available for download worldwide

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