By Natalie Lundie on 7th February, 2014

Heat Up Steel & Plastic Drums with HBD Base Drum Heater The HBD base drum heater uses a silicone rubber insulated mat underneath the base plate to provide even heat to drums & containers up to 200 litres or 45 gallons. The HBD base drum he... Read More - Heat Up Steel & ...

Category:  Drum Heating Jackets & Equipment

By Terry McDonald on 6th February, 2014

What is the RHI Scheme? Renewable Heat Incentive – The World’s First Long Term Financial Support Programme For Renewable Heat The RHI scheme is a UK based financial support programme, providing an incentive payments to the industria... Read More - What Is The RHI Sche...

Category:  Heat Meters

By Terry McDonald on 4th February, 2014

What is WRAS Approval? Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) - UK Regulations The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) is a conformance mark which demonstrates that a product complies with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 19... Read More - What is WRAS Approva...

Category:  Industry Related Approvals

By Natalie Lundie on 3rd February, 2014

RCS -  Pilot Valve System Complete Functional Safety with Enhanced Reliability The ASCO Numatics Valve Redundant Control System (RCS) has complete functional safety with enhanced reliability. Unwanted closure of the process valve is avoide... Read More - ASCO Numatics Valve ...

Category:  ASCO Solenoid Valves

By Natalie Lundie on 31st January, 2014

Micronics Portable Ultrasonic Clamp on Flow Meter Flow Measurement A helpful video guide for the installation of the Portaflow PF330 portable ultrasonic clamp on flow meter from Micronics.  Portaflow PF330 aids simple and accurate flow mea... Read More - Portaflow PF330 - Vi...

Category:  Water & Energy Management

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