By Terry McDonald on 21st February, 2014

WRAS Approved Water Meters – An Overview T&D are able to provide a wide range of types and classes of WRAS approved water meters to suit domestic, commercial or industrial applications and different water supplies. Water Authorities ... Read More - WRAS Approved Water ...

Category:  Flow Meters

By Natalie Lundie on 20th February, 2014

ISO 15552 Cylinder For Food Industry Applications ASCO Numatics 454 Series - High Quality ISO 15552 Cylinder Family ASCO Numatics 454 series is a range of cylinders designed for use under intensive cleaning, food industry processes and in very ... Read More - ASCO Numatics 454 Se...

Category:  ASCO Solenoid Valves

By Terry McDonald on 20th February, 2014

What is GOST-R? GOST-R – Certificate of Conformity & Declaration of Conformity to Technical Regulations in Russia GOST-R is the current technical and safety regulations for the Russian market. According to Russian Federation Law, more... Read More - What is GOST-R?...

Category:  Hazardous Area Equipment

By Natalie Lundie on 19th February, 2014

HISD Drum Heater Jacket Drum Heating Solutions - HISD/A, HISD/B, HISD/C, HISD/D, HISD/E The HISD range of drum heater jackets are designed to melt or reduce the viscosity of soaps, varnishes and other oil based media. The HISD drum he... Read More - Drum Heater Jacket D...

Category:  Drum Heating Jackets & Equipment

By Terry McDonald on 19th February, 2014

What is MID Approval? Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) European Directive MID is the Measuring Instruments Directive which is a European Directive which harmonises the requirements of ten different measuring instruments types for domestic,... Read More - What is MID Approval...

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