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T&D are an approved distributor and stockist of the Reliance Water Controls range of products including their TMV2 & TMV3 thermostatic mixing valves, taps, showers and pressure reducing valves.

Reliance Water Controls design and manufacture their own products and utilising an extensive knowledge of the temperature, pressure and flow requirements of the sanitary, plumbing and heating industry they continue to develop new products and improve existing valves, taps and showers.

Reliance Water Controls Thermostatic Mixing ValvesReliance Water Controls Thermostatic ShowersReliance Water Controls Pressure Reducing ValvesReliance Water Controls Thermostatic Taps

Thermostatic products blend hot water with cold water to ensure constant safe constant safe temperatures to prevent scalding whilst also preventing the growth of Legionella bacteria. This is of particular importance for commercial buildings and healthcare premises where children and vulnerable adults are at a higher risk.

Reliance Water Controls maintain a high standard and hold a number of approvals for their products including WRAS, TMV2 and TMV3. 

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Thermostatic Mixing ValvesReliance Water Controls Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Reliance Water Controls can provide a thermostatic mixing valve solution to suit almost any requirement with options available with TMV2, TMV3 or both approvals.

Thermostatic mixing valves are available where high flow rates are required at low pressures and group mixing applications.

Thermostatic ShowersReliance Water Controls Thermostatic Showers

The Reliance Water Controls range of thermostatic showers provide a stable mixed water temperature with a rapid failsafe feature in the event of either hot or cold water supply failure.

The thermostatic showers are also tamperproof and options are available for TMV2 or TMV3 approvals.

Thermostatic TapsReliance Water Controls Thermostatic Taps

Reliance Water Controls also offer thermostatic taps which can either be wall mounted or deck mounted to provide a safe method of providing mixed water temperatures which are stored hot enough to eliminate legionella bacteria and delivered at low enough temperatures to avoid burns and scalds

Reliance's Caremix range of taps are all WRAS and TMV3 approved ensuring they are suitable for healthcare premises.

Pressure Reducing ValvesReliance Water Controls Pressure Reducing Valves

Reliance Water Controls also manufacture pressure reducing valves which can be used to maintain accurate pressure control even in environments where the pressure can vary throughout the day.

Water pressure supply pressures within the UK can range from as little as 1 bar up to 20+ bar and high pressures can result in high flow rates, high noise levels and water wastage.

The Reliance range of pressure reducing valves are all WRAS approved and are available in sizes from 15mm up to 250mm

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