Fuelstop - Thermostatic Fire Valves

Fuelstop - TFV Thermostatic Fire Valve

Capillary Fire Valve for Overheat Protection to Fuel Burning Appliances

T&D are a distributor and stockist of Fuelstop thermostatic fire valves.

Fuelstop provide a thermostatic fire valve which conforms to British safety standards and is more reliable making it an ideal solution for both installers and customers.

Capillary fire valves are a legal requirement for fuel burners. The Fuelstop TFV is designed and manufactured to eliminate nuisance trips and has a reset button to return the system to it's inital state.

The Fuelstop TFV is liquid filled which offers more reliability in all weathers than gas filled products and has the widest range of pipe connections and capillary lengths on the market.

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Fuelstop - Thermostatic Fire Valves
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