Ifm PT3540 Pressure Transmitter

ifm PT3540 Pressure Transmitter For Industrial Applications

Pressure transmitter with analogue voltage or current output.
• Compact type with G 1/4 process connection.
• Pressure ranges adjusted to hydraulic applications.
• Robust metal housing, high protection rating.
• For mobile and industrial applications.
• Accuracy < ± 1 %.
• Repeatability < ± 0.1 %.

The ifm PT3540 pressure transmitter range is suitable for measuring relative pressure of liquids and gases.  Options are available to suit a wide variety of pressure measuring ranges. See table below.

Ifm PT3540 Pressure Transmitter
Output Function 4-20mA Analogue DC
Process Connection G ¼ A
Display LED -
Measuring Range (bar) 0-400
Poverload (bar) 600
Pbursting (bar) 1600
Ub, DC, V 8.5 – 36
Part Number / Ordering Reference PT3540

Please download product specification for full details For full details on wiring, switching and analogue functions. A complimentary range of accessories are available for all ifm pressure sensors. Please click on the accessories button for more information.

Ifm PT3540 Pressure Transmitter

The PT pressure sensor has a stainless steel measuring cell with thick film DMS sensor element taken from the PK sensor series. Since the measuring cell is directly welded with the housing, no seal in contact with the medium is required. The measuring cells have high overload and bursting pressures and are resistant to pressure peaks.

Ifm PT3540 Pressure Transmitter - Applications

The sensors of type PT are suitable for use in industrial and mobile applications, but also for special hydraulic and pneumatic applications with high operating pressure. The high vibration and shock resistance, the high protection rating and the very good EMC resistance make the PT sensor particularly suitable for use in mobile machines.

Ifm PT3540 Range - Function and features

The pressure sensor detects the system pressure and converts it into an analogue output signal 4 -20 mA 


Ifm PT3540 Pressure Transmitter

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Ifm PT3540 Pressure Transmitter
Ifm PT3540 Pressure Transmitter

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