ifm PN2024 - Electronic Pressure Sensor

ifm PN2024 - Electronic Pressure Sensor with Switch & Analogue Outputs & Display.

The ifm PN2024 range uses ceramic-capacitive measuring cells. This technology is corrosion resistant and long term stable. The guarantees continuous accuracy of the measured values. This range of pressure sensor is particularly resistant to dynamic pressure peaks and guarantee high overload resistance even in the case of extreme pressure spikes.
The ifm PN2024 pressure sensor range is suitable for measuring relative pressure of liquids and gases.

Ifm PN2024 Pressure Sensor – M12 Connector
Output Function 2 x NO / Closed Programmable or 1 x NO / Closed Programmable + 1 x analogue (4-20mA scalable 1:4 )
Process Connection G ¼ I
Display LED Display Unit
Measuring Range (bar) -1-10
Poverload (bar) 75
Pbursting (bar) 150
Ub, DC, V 18-32
Part Number / Ordering Reference PN2024

Please download product specification for full details For full details on wiring, switching and analogue functions. A complimentary range of accessories are available for all ifm pressure sensors. Please click on the accessories button for more information.  

The ifm PN2024 range of pressure sensors are available with switching outputs, analogue outputs (4-20mA) and display. Options are available to suit a wide variety of pressure measuring ranges. See table below.

Why Use Electronic Pressure Sensors

All ifm pressure sensor units have robust housings and do not require moving parts such as pistons or springs. Therefore, the pressure sensors are extremely shock and vibration resistant and operate without any wear and tear meaning no maintenance is required.

ifm PN2024 - Electronic Pressure Sensor

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ifm PN2024 - Electronic Pressure Sensor
ifm PN2024 - Electronic Pressure Sensor

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